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Joe Biden Scandal Alert: Secret Service Provided Protection for Hunter Biden on 400+ Trips

Hunter Biden is once again proving to be a grenade for Joe Biden’s presidential campaign.

Judicial Watch has uncovered documentation showing Hunter Biden was provided Secret Service protection on more than 400 trips during the Obama-Biden administration.

What is really interesting is how many of these trips took place to locations where we already know Hunter was doing business and possibly getting rich off his father’s names and contacts.

Air Biden

Remember the outrage by the left when several of Trump’s adult children accompanied the President on his last visit to the UK to visit with the Queen?

This is nothing out of the ordinary, by the way, but the media wanted to make it out as though it were some type of major scandal.

Honestly, it is not all that big a deal that Hunter Biden has protection during the Obama years, as he was entitled to it as the Vice President’s son.

The problem here is the sheer amount of trips, at least 411 of them, and the destinations of the trips.

The media and left were outraged at the additional Secret Service protection costs when Melania and Barron Trump stayed behind in New York to finish out the school year, but I honestly cannot remember a single outlet reporting more than 400 trips with Secret Service protection for Hunter Biden.

Even more shocking is the information that was released to Judicial Watch is missing the last 18 months or so of the Obama administration, so there could potentially be dozens more trips we don’t even know about yet.

Questionable Trips

What was not released in the information was how many of these trips were no private transportation, Air Force 2, or commercial flights.

Regardless, many of these trips appear on the surface to have been related to the various business opportunities Hunter had been involved in.

Between June 2009 and May 2014, per Judicial Watch, these are the countries and territories visited by Hunter:

  • Ethiopia and India on June 14-22, 2009
  • Argentina on September 14-17, 2009
  • France and Spain on November 9-13, 2009
  • Canada on February 12-15, 2010
  • Dominican Republic on February 18-22, 2010
  • Puerto Rico on March 20-27, 2010
  • China on April 6-9, 2010
  • Belgium, Spain, and the United Kingdom on May 5-8, 2010
  • UK, Egypt, Kenya, South Africa, Ascension Island, U.S. Virgin Islands on June 6-13, 2010
  • Denmark and South Africa on August 9-24, 2010
  • Hong Kong, Taiwan and China on April 16-22, 2011
  • Mexico on May 15-17, 2011
  • Colombia, France, United Arab Emirates and France again on November 1-11, 2011
  • UK and Russia on February 15-18, 2012
  • Germany, France and UK on February 1-5, 2013
  • UK and Ireland on March 20-22, 2013
  • China on June 13-15, 2013
  • Switzerland and Italy on July 26-August 7, 2013
  • Japan, China, South Korea and the Philippines on December 2-9, 2013
  • China and Qatar on May 7-14, 2014

Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton stated, “Given the Burisma-Ukraine-China influence-peddling scandals, Hunter Biden’s extensive international travel during the Obama-Biden presidency, including at least 5 trips to China, will raise additional questions.”

There is also still the question of Hunter Biden possibly using the December 2013 trip with Joe Biden for business purposes, something that is strictly forbidden (both Hunter and Joe Biden have denied that was the case).

These records are now also in the possession of a Senate committee investigating Hunter Biden’s activities and business interests while his father was the Vice President.

Sources: Hannity, Just the News, & Judicial Watch. To see Hunter Biden’s full travel schedule, click here.

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