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Joe Biden to Launch Attack Against Trump at Iowa Appearance

Presidential candidate Joe Biden is trying to make up ground for a lost weekend and what better way to do so than in taking a cheap shot at President Trump.

With both Trump and Biden in the same state today, Biden plans on declaring President Trump an “existential threat,” especially to farmers.

Tough at What Cost

For most of the last two years, one common narrative by the Trump administration has been that Trump is winning by being tough.

Biden plans to work that issue and use it against Trump.

Biden’s planned speech has been purposely leaked to the media to drum up attention for the Democrat hopeful.

He will accuse Trump of being tough at the cost of middle-America.

Biden is expected to say, “Any beginning econ student at Iowa or Iowa State could tell you that the American people are paying the tariffs.

“The cashiers at Target see what’s going on – they know more about economics than Trump.

“How many sleepless nights do you think Trump has had over what he’s doing to America’s farmers? Zero!”

According to those that have seen the speech in full, Biden will specifically mention Trump more than 70 times in his speech.

More Lies

Unfortunately, at least for Creepy Uncle Joe, his speech is once again based on lies.

When Biden was in Pennsylvania earlier this year, he stated the only people the tax cuts benefitted were the top one percenters and major corporations, but we debunked that claim.

Biden then lied to a woman in South Carolina about the Hyde Amendment, however, his triple-flip on the issue finally now backs up what he said to her.

Now, he is telling Americans the tariffs on China are hurting them when that is not actually the case.

According to a Breitbart article, the costs of furniture, one of the major Chinese imports, has actually gone down 2.8 percent.

Toys, which are another huge import for China, have dropped by almost 10 percent.

Even if the prices rise above those levels from the tariffs, they are still not likely to rise above the prices from 2018.

The mainstream media has already jumped all over the speech, which is exactly what Biden was hoping for.

CNN has been touting the speech all day, with CNN’s News Days claiming that Biden will “eviscerate” President Trump today.

But, I guess that is not a biased news story, right?!

Biden is clearly reeling from two straight weeks of blunders and the only way Biden can get the train back on the tracks is to attack Trump and get the mainstream media back behind him in the process.

Sadly, networks like CNN have obliged him.

Source: NBC News

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