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John Kasich Finally Answered Question If He Will Run in 2020

With all the talk of impeachment, it was only natural rumors would start to swell about challenges to Trump in the 2020 primary.

Among the names being mentioned was John Kasich, but that is not in the cards says the former Governor, at least not “right now.”

When asked directly if he would run for president, Kasich stated, “Right now, there’s no path.”

No Way to Get There

Kasich, who was still the governor of Ohio when he ran for president, was one of the earlier casualties on the race.

While he hung around for a while, his campaign was essentially over by Super Tuesday.

Conservatives right now are not looking for a moderate conservative, which is actually a kind description of Kasich.

His politics seem to resemble more of a liberal base than that of a conservative.

Kasich knows he does not have the support to win a primary, let alone a general election.

He stated, “I don’t see a way to get there.”

But Maybe…

As most politicians do, though, Kasich tried to walk a middle line so as not to count anything completely out.

As for completely ruling out running for President, Kasich seemed to want to keep the fire burning just a bit longer.

He stated, “I don’t have a timetable.

“I don’t announce timetables because I don’t know.

“I have to see what the situation is and whether I could really have an impact.”

Kasich further stated that his team is constantly monitoring the situation and while he says he is not running right now, that could change if something dramatic were to happen.

He really stoked the fire on Friday night, though, by sending out a tweet that seemed to make it sound as though he leaning far more on the running side than not running…

That is typical Kasich… to much of a worm to make a true commitment one way or the other.

As it stands now, Trump has one challenger in former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld, although most people are not even taking his challenge seriously.

There have also been murmurs about Maryland Governor Larry Hogan running, but there has been no official word on that as of yet.

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