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Joy Behar’s Comical Reason Why Dems Are On ‘Uneven Field’

“The View” has opened up its panel to any Democrat willing to sit down and listen to their drivel.

This week, when Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) sat down with the ladies, Joy Behar told a rather amusing little tale.

According to Behar, the playing field in this election is uneven because Democrats don’t “play dirty.”

Did She Really Just Say That?

Now that you are back on your chair after falling off from laughing hysterically, let’s shred Ms. Behar’s assertation about the Democrat and Republican parties.

The ladies started the conversation off about the lack of energetic giving by voters to the Gillibrand campaign.

Behar stated, “Your campaign has said that your fundraising has suffered.

“They think it’s a backlash against your decision to lead the call for Al Franken to resign after the allegations of sexual misconduct.”

Did I mention Behar spent a minute or two rambling about how much she missed Mr. Franken?

That should not set the #MeToo movement back too far.

Afterward, Behar dropped the real bomb.

Behar stated, “Listen, I understand where you’re coming from, I just feel like you’re playing in an uneven field with the Republicans because they will play dirty and we will not, on the Democratic side, and that could kill us.”

Anchor yourself in your chair and watch it for yourself…

If This Is Playing Fair…

Now, let’s talk about playing dirty.

“The View” alone has been responsible for “countless” dirty attacks against both Donald Trump and our First Lady.

A former member of “The View,” Rosie O’Donnell, is the individual that started the horrible rumors about Barron Trump and Autism.

Barack Obama did not do anything about Russian meddling in what now appears to be a blatant attempt to set up Donald Trump for collusion charges.

Every Democrat and their mother has accused Donald Trump of being a racist.

The ladies on “The View” wanted to hang Brett Kavanaugh over bogus allegations, yet they stuck up for slimeball Michael Avenatti.

Behar even reminisced about Al Franken in that very segment!

If that is playing it clean, Ms. Behar, I would hate to see what happens when Democrats muck it up.

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