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Judge Jeanine Rips Mueller in Scathing ‘Opening Statement’

After listening to Robert Mueller’s press conference, most of us were more confused about his report and baffled as to why he chose to even have a press conference.

Judge Jeanine believes the reason is quite simple… he is working for the Democrats.

Letting Pride Get in the Way

There is little doubt Mueller has been listening to the attacks coming at him from Democrats.

They all thought his report was going to give them exactly what they needed to boot Trump from office, but it fell short.

Mueller is now deemed to have been a failure by Democrats.

They were never interested in the truth, only in getting Trump.

That apparently bothered Mueller so much so, in fact, his press conference gave the Dems the ammunition they needed to continue their witch hunt against Trump.

Pirro stated, “The reason that Robert Mueller spoke publicly this week is that he was more worried about his legacy that he was in protecting this country.

“This is counter to everything he was taught and supposedly stood for, and it not only disappointing but politically damaging.”

More Fuel to the Fire

Mueller is not a dumb man, quite the opposite actually.

He is known for questioning people in a way that all but assures them of tripping up at some point.

Point being, Mueller knows carefully phrased words will elicit a specific response from people.

In this case, Mueller chose to emphasize words in his report that would all but guarantee Dems push forward with impeaching Trump.

He was unable to get the evidence he needed, so he encouraged Dems to pursue impeachment.

In any court in this country, when there is not enough evidence to convict, it is case closed.

In this case, there was no original crime and there was not enough evidence to make a case either way for obstruction.

To me, that means this case should be over.

Instead, Mueller stated charging Trump was never an option, which is exactly what Democrats wanted and needed to hear to continue to pursue this case.

Pirro was absolutely right in her conclusion that Mueller pulled a fast one and proved he is in the pockets of Democrats rather than doing the job he was tasked with as well as failing to protect the Justice System, the Constitution, and the Country.

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