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Judge Napolitano: ‘Trump has unleashed a torrent of hatred’

Judge Napolitano used to be a friend to Donald Trump, but no more.

Earlier this week, Napolitano posted a scathing op-ed on Fox News’ website, accusing Trump of unleashing “a torrent of hatred.”

Buying in to the Democrat Narrative

I would expect a liberal to come after Trump like this, but not a known and respected conservative.

The words that came from Napolitano serve only one purpose… they prove he has bought into the Democrat narrative hook, line, and sinker.

Napolitano accuses Trump of spreading hatred for political gain.

It is as though everyone wants Trump to paint a rosy picture about everything and simply avoid telling the truth if it is going to hurt someone’s feelings.

Napolitano is confusing brutal honesty with hatred.

He writes, “The problem is that presidential hatred produces division among people and destroys peaceful dialogue.”

Why does every word have to be perceived as hatred?

Why can’t the president call out members of Congress that are spewing anti-American rhetoric with every word they speak?

When Bernie Sanders calls Trump a racist and a bigot, has anyone on the left ever accused him of being hateful?

What about the words of Rep. Tlaib on election night, when she called Trump a “mother f***er”?

Did anyone rein her in or say that she was being hateful?

So why is there such a different standard for Trump?

Those that voted for Trump knew exactly what they were getting.

Trump flat-out told everyone that if he won, political correctness was going out the window.

Yet, now people are surprised because he is telling it like it is and calling people out for their actions.

This is not about Trump being hateful but rather about exposing a deeply corrupt political establishment and holding people like Elijah Cummings accountable for having been in office for two decades and doing absolutely nothing for the district he represents.

If that is being hateful, Judge Napolitano, then please bring more of it on.

You can read Judge Napolitano’s full op-ed on Fox News (click here).

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