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Judicial Watch Leader Slams DOJ After Allowing McCabe to Walk

Do we have a “deep state” within our government?

Judicial Watch Tom Fitton believes it to be true and he thinks it is deeply rooted within our Justice Department.

While I don’t know if we have a deep state, I have no doubt corruption is running rampant and we need a thorough purging and a true outsider as an AG if this problem is ever going to be fixed.

Time to Purge

The fact that Andrew McCabe, the former Deputy Director of the FBI, was allowed to walk without ever facing an indictment is one of the biggest injustices I have ever seen against the American people.

The FBI, under Comey and McCabe’s leadership, allowed a severely biased investigation to take place, blatantly violated FISA rules, leaked confidential information to the media (and lied about it), and protected Hillary Clinton from prosecution.

There is no denying any of these facts, as they are all well-documented, and several of these instances are outlined in the recent Inspector General report.

We all thought that once William Barr was put in place, all of these individuals would be brought to justice.

That, however, has not happened.

Be it Barr or Obama-era holders, this DOJ has continued the tradition of protecting its own and political figures.

Consider that even though there is ample proof the Clinton Foundation was receiving excessive donations from those wishing to speak to Obama during Hillary’s time as Secretary of State as well as individuals that could benefit from policies Hillary was putting in place, Barr’s DOJ decided to close the investigation with no charges.

Consider the fact that James Comey signed off on FISA warrants with purposely manipulated information that would have otherwise prevented the warrants from being approved, yet he is still walking around a free man.

Consider the fact McCabe was part of a process that leaked confidential information to the media during the Russian investigation then lied about to FBI agents investigating the matter, yet no charges were filed.

Tom Fitton, who is the president of Judicial Watch, knocked it out of the park addressing these very issues…

Get Out of Jail Free Card

So, apparently, having a congressional pin or an FBI ID card also serves as a free pass when it comes to following the law.

Bother General Flynn and Roger Stone are headed to jail for doing something very similar to what McCabe did.

I would make the argument that as a Justice Department official, what McCabe did was far worse.

So, why is Barr’s Department of Justice protecting these people?

Could it be that he has skeletons in his closet from his days in the Bush administration and he fears that information will get out if he brings these individuals to justice?

I know I will be called a conspiracy theorist for saying this, but my personal opinion is that the corruption runs so deep throughout our government and it has for decades. That being the case, everyone, including Barr, is terrified to bring any of these people to justice out of fear that individual would serve up their own wrongdoings.

Honestly, I always knew government officials were corrupt but I never believed it ran as deep as I do today.

Trump promised us he would flush the DC Swamp and it is now painfully apparent the only way that will happen is if he brings in a true outsider to run the DOJ.

It has to be someone that has never served in our government before in any way, shape, or form.

Someone that can literally take a spyglass to the entire department, then apply a blowtorch to every corrupt wing.

If he does not do that, this vicious cycle will continue and the only people that will ever be held accountable to the rule of law are We the People.

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