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All Trump Does is Win, Win, Win!

It is a pretty safe assumption that most people have never seen the like of what we are seeing in today’s political world.

Democrats continue to fire shot after shot at Trump, yet somehow, he continues to deflect the shots and get a win.

The new breed of politician in the House, some of whom were elected for the sole purpose of impeaching Trump have been nothing more than flies on an elephant… a nuisance and nothing more.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, along with a slew of their fellow Dems, were banking on the Mueller report to take Trump down, but they came up empty.

No collusion, not enough evidence one way or the other to rule on obstruction.

They keep coming and Trump keeps winning.

Now that election season has started, the attacks are going to be even more ferocious and from far more sources.

We can expect the bottom-dwellers in the race to focus on Trump rather than the other candidates as a way to make a splash and grab some quick TV time.

If history is any record, though, Trump will prevail regardless of what they throw at him.

This presidency has been far from perfect, but it has delivered a change to conservatives, something they have been dying to see.

The biggest issue on the docket, though, remains immigration.

Trump has finally started the wall and we are finally seeing some movement in terms of cooperation with Mexico.

The big challenge, however, is in getting Dems to come to the table for meaningful immigration reform.

If Trump manages to accomplish that before election day, he will be keeping that chair in the Oval Office warm for another four years.

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