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Justice Ginsgurg Shatters Dem Dream of Abolishing the Electoral College

After more than two centuries, Democrats decided the electoral college no longer suits their needs because of Hillary Clinton’s loss.

Since Hillary won the popular vote but lost the electoral vote, Dems have been making a big push to change the way the president of this country is elected by abolishing the electoral college.

Liberal Justice Ruth Ginsburg, however, just rained on their parade, stating, “It’s largely a dream because our Constitution is … hard to amend. I know that from experience.”

Pandering for Votes

I have written about the elector college and its purpose many times on here, so I will not waste your time doing it again.

I will, however, say it was put in place for a very specific purpose and that purpose is to ensure every part of this country has an equal say in who becomes president.

This has never been a problem before and only became a problem because Hillary had more popular votes than Donald Trump during the 2016 election.

As a way to pander for votes, Democrats are promising to do their best to eliminate the electoral college so something like that never happens again.

The only problem for them, though, is as Ginsburg stated, they cannot just wave a magic wand and make it happen.

In order for the electoral college to be banned, the measure would have to be passed in both the House and the Senate with a super-majority, or two-thirds of the elected representatives in office.

The only other way this could happen is if two-thirds of the State legislatures agreed to convene for a constitutional convention.

Point being, it would be virtually impossible, even if the Democrats won both the House and the Senate as well as the White House in 2020, to eliminate the electoral college.

The problem, however, is that most Americans are unfamiliar with the process and what it takes to make an amendment to the Constitution, something that more often than not is being exploited by Democrats.

They are selling a pipe dream to the Gen Y and Z voters who are more interested in backing a movement than they are of knowing how our political system actually works.

Source: Fox News

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