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K-9 Officer takes down an armed suspect

Now, I don’t know about you, but I have never seen a real-life K9 Officer at work, so this video was pretty fascinating to me.

It shows just how important these dogs are to the safety of our law enforcement and military.

Call in the Dogs

The situation here looked like it was completely under control… until it wasn’t.

Officers had a suspect at San Diego Police headquarters for processing when everything went sideways.

The suspect got out of his cuffs and broke a partition that gave him access to an officer’s backpack, which had a weapon inside of it.

Once the suspect fired through the window at officers, all bets were off and officers were forced to try to take out the suspect.

When the suspect was injured and out of the vehicle, the officers tried time and again to de-escalate the situation, even though that had clear shots at him on several occasions.

Eventually, a K9 Officer was brought in to take the suspect down and what a job that officer did.

Within seconds of being sent in, the K9 dog had the suspect in his control and the officers were able to get the suspect back in custody without anther shot being fired.

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