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Kamala Harris Campaign Fizzling Financially

Kamala Harris may have made a big splash during the last debate, but that support is not showing up in donations.

Harris flew all the way up to second place in most polls after the debate, but she is still lagging back in fourth place in terms of money donated to her campaign.

While Harris did get a $2 million bump right after the debate, she has only managed to raise a paltry $12 million during the second quarter of this year.

Lagging Way Behind

Most pundits thought the shellacking handed out to Joe Biden on the debate stage would have helped drive donations to Kamala Harris, but that has not exactly been the case.

In fact, Biden supporters have kept a steady attack up against her that is making her seem villainous rather than someone that is exposing the real Joe Biden.

For the second quarter, Mayor Pete Buttigieg is actually the big winner, having raised nearly $25 million.

Biden is running second, having raised $21.5 million, with Sanders in third at $18 million.

Whether Harris wants to admit it or not, this is really going to hurt her campaign.

That low figure will cut down her ad buys as well as how much travel she will be able to do during the campaign season.

The bad news for Harris is that the next round of debates is not until the end of this month, so she will have considerable time before she can generate more buzz on the debate stage.

Can She Win?

The big question facing her campaign now is if she can truly get to the head of the pack and beat out Biden for the main spot.

In my personal opinion, I believe she can and will, even with the lower campaign haul.

Biden has all the big money in the party behind him, but I firmly believe he is going to fizzle out soon and should be out of the race before the primary election.

He continues to make misstep after misstep and has been going backward in polls since he announced his campaign.

I don’t see enough people supporting Bernie and his socialist agenda and while Warren is up there in the polls, she just doesn’t seem to have the staying power.

That, of course, leaves Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who is doing okay in the polls and very well in the fundraising arena.

This comes down to experience, which Buttigieg is proving to be overmatched.

The fact his city is having so many problems will no doubt be exploited by his competitors as this race goes on.

Do not, however, count him out as a VP, especially if Harris wins this race.

Source: Fox News

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