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Kamala Harris is Dead in the Water

Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA), the self-described top-tier candidate in the 2020 presidential race, is now on the brink of ruin.

After the most recent polls have come out, Harris has slipped further down the rankings, now trailing South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg by two percent.

Spiraling Downward

This race has been an interesting one for Harris, who at one point was among the favorites to win.

One of the more telling polls is the Focus on Rural America poll for the Iowa Caucus.

In September of last year, Harris was a top-three contender for candidates that had announced with 10 percent of the vote (Joe Biden led the poll, but he was not officially in the race at that point).

After the first round of debates, Harris was solidly in second place behind Elizabeth Warren (20 percent) with 18 percent of the vote, one percentage point ahead of Biden and six points ahead of Bernie Sanders.

Today, Harris has only five percent of the vote and she has slid all the way down to sixth place, behind even Amy Klobuchar (eight percent).

Even more telling for the future of Harris in this race, though, is the NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll for the Democrat primary.

In July, Harris was polling at 13 percent and among the top contenders, beginning to put pressure on Barry Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

Now, she is only getting five percent of the vote, having fallen below Pete Buttigieg, who also has no chance whatsoever of winning this primary.

The Best of the Rest

Joe Biden continues to lead the pack, but his lead continues to dwindle.

Bernie Sanders has been treading water during the entire race, never managing to get support from anyone other than his base.

The surprise candidate here is Elizabeth Warren, who is now solidly in second place behind Biden and putting some real pressure on him for the overall lead.

We still have almost five months before the first vote is cast, but the writing is on the wall for Harris and possibly even Biden.

I am just not sure how many more gaffes he will be able to overcome with a surging Warren hot on his heels.

There is also the fact that Trump is finally going into attack mode against Biden with the clear intention of either knocking him out of the race or setting the stage for a vicious showdown after the primary election is over.

Source: Fox News

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