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Press Secretary McEnany Destroys Media When Pressed About Obama Adm. Crimes

Kayleigh McEnany has only been the White House Press Secretary for about five weeks, but she is already developing a cult-like following for her daily dismantling of the mainstream media.

McEnany continued that trend on Friday when she utterly embarrassed the entire White House press corps for not reporting the scandals and crimes allegedly committed by the Obama administration.


I liked Sarah Sanders as press secretary, but she often looked frustrated and defeated.

She also had a tendency to simply spin questions rather than drive the press corps back with hard facts, something McEnany has perfected in only five weeks on the job.

When the media comes at her about something, she rips off a quick answer then comes back at them for lacking to go to the same depths against the Obama administration on like issues.

This week, President Trump has been pushing “Obamagate” and the press corps was itching to ask McEnany about it, which was a huge mistake.

One reporter made the mistake of challenging McEnany on the idea the Obama administration actually committed a crime, as Trump has suggested.

She quickly fired back, “The identity of this three-star general was leaked to the press.

“There are serious questions. They’ve been ignored by the media for far too long.”

Here is the exchange…

Kayleigh drops Obamagate definition on liberal reporter’s head

Reporter asks Kayleigh McEnany to explain Obamagate – then immediately regrets it

Posted by Sean Hannity on Saturday, May 16, 2020

Knock Out Punches

It almost seems as though the press corps at White House briefings has become terrified of the petite press secretary that fearlessly takes the podium every day.

She comes armed to the teeth with facts and when the media asks her a question, they better have their facts right and they better have not had a story recently published that makes them look like hypocrites because McEnany will turn it back on them in a second.

Here is another epic encounter with the media over the Schiff transcripts…

Kayleigh McEnany obliterates mainstream media

Kayleigh McEnany dunks on mainstream media toads

Posted by Sean Hannity on Friday, May 15, 2020

Basically, McEnany is fact-checking the mainstream media in real-time and doing so in a manner that is not confrontational but rather very matter of fact.

She even thanks them for asking difficult questions, answers them, then tells them since you asked me about that, how come you never asked or investigated this.

Her style is both flawless and brilliant and the impact she is having is already quite apparent, as we are finally seeing the media address some of the topics she brings up and it is not going well for Democrats.

The scrutiny vacation from the media is over Democrats and if you come at this press secretary with bogus accusations and fake news claims, you better get ready to be embarrassed because Kayleigh McEnany is for real and she is taking no prisoners when she gets up on that dais!

Source: Fox News

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