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Kellyanne Conway Slams Fox News’ Chris Wallace on Live TV

Chris Wallace often gets the better of his guests, but that was far from the case Sunday morning.

Conway was appearing with Wallace on “Fox News Sunday” when she completely embarrassed the seasoned reporter.

After asking about the status of her marriage, Conway told Wallace he had stepped over a line and the question was completely inappropriate…


There seems to be a different set of standards for women affiliated with Trump and everyone else during these days of the #MeToo movement.

Everyone says we need to be more respectful, more courteous, more careful about the words we use and the actions we take.

However, when it comes to Trump women, all of that goes right out the door.

In all the interviews Wallace has done with Hillary, has he ever asked her point blank if Bill’s running around has hurt her marriage?

Why, then, did he ask Conway about her marriage to George Conway when frankly, it is nobody’s business?

Conway shut him right down on the question, stating, “I think that is a really inappropriate question…”

Conway then went on to dress Wallace down for the final two-plus minutes of the segment.

More Important Topics

While Wallace finished up the segment on Conway’s husband, the topics discussed during the early moments of the interview were far more important and appropriate.

One of the more important points Conway made was regarding Schiff and the fact every Republican member of the House Intelligence Committee has requested Schiff step down from his leadership position.

She also roughed up Wallace a bit on the topic of closing down the southern border and the cutting off of aid to the Northern Triangle countries.

If this were a title fight, Wallace would have looked like Rocky after his first 15 rounds against Apollo Creed.

Needless to say, Wallace will think twice before he EVER asks Conway a question like that again!

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