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Knife-Wielding Suspect in Califonia Kills 4, Wounds 2

Evil always finds a way…

In California, evil reared its ugly head again, and now four people are dead with several more wounded after a horrific series of knife attacks were conducted by a violent gang member.

The suspect, Zachary Castaneda, is a convicted gang member, who had been arrested dozens of times before this horrific crime.

The Stabbing Spree

Because of his record, Castaneda would not have been able to buy a gun legally.

Instead, he chose to attack and kill his victims with knives.

Police even released a surveillance video of one of the attacks to show just how brutal the attacks were during his crime spree.

Castaneda visited several businesses during this spree.

After robbing a 7-Eleven and stabbing the security guard, he took his gun and walked right across the street to a Subway.

There, he stabbed someone else, but was finally caught shortly thereafter by the police.

The security guard at the convenience store would be one of the fatalities.

Still No Motive

Other than hate, the police have no idea why this man went on this rampage.

Local police, however, were very critical of the changed laws that even allowed this man to be on the streets.

Local law enforcement also made a plea for the recent outburst of violence to cease.

These attacks, sadly, prove my point that when someone wants to do something evil, he or she will always find a way.

This man has been filled with hate and rage his entire life… his record proves that.

What provoked these attacks, we have no idea, as the suspect is reportedly not cooperating with authorities at all.

Meanwhile, other than local media, most of the mainstream media outlets are simply ignoring these attacks, as are politicians.

You see, it doesn’t suit their narrative, so it is not deemed newsworthy.

Source: KTLA 5

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