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Lindsey Graham Licking His Chops to Go After Biden

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) have known each other for decades and consider each other friends.

When the coronavirus crisis has died off and campaign season starts, however, that friendship is going to get tested like never before.

Bad Judgment

Not being the president, Joe Biden has the advantage of hindsight and walking back statements.

For instance, when President Trump ordered travel from China to be closed down, Joe Biden said it was the action of a xenophobe.

Weeks later, when most medical experts said that may have been the main reason the spread of the virus was slowed, Biden said he then supported the move.

Nobody asked Joe Biden if he was a xenophobe, though.

During Biden’s time as the vice president, he reportedly told President Obama not to order the raid.

Obama went against his advice and as we all know, the raid was a success.

When it came to pulling out of Iraq, Biden supported the move, even though it went against sound military advice and warnings that if we left then, we would only have to go back.

Once again, Joe got it wrong.

Those mistakes have Senator Graham chomping at the bit to go after Biden during campaign season.

Graham stated, “It was Joe Biden pushing to get out of Iraq against sound military advice.

“It was Joe Biden, according to Leon Panetta, that opposed the raid that actually killed Bin Laden.

“Joe Biden called Donald Trump a racist, a xenophobic person, when he instituted the travel ban against China.

“Joe Biden has been wrong across the board on things that really matter.

“So, we’re going to have a comparison and contrast campaign about Joe Biden’s judgment over time versus that of President Trump’s judgment over time.

“The caliphate came about because Joe Biden advised President Obama: ‘We need to get out of Iraq.’ And, he was proud of that. He actually went to the ceremony when we left.

“The bottom line is, without Joe Biden, there would be no ISIS. Without Donald Trump, the caliphate would still exist.

“Donald Trump is the one that killed Soleimani — the biggest terrorist of all in Iran — and Joe Biden opposed that,”

“So, I can’t wait to compare and contrast the judgment of President Trump against that of Vice President Biden on foreign policy.

“This will be a  knockout. This will be over in round one on the debate stage.”

To this point, Joe Biden has been treated with kid gloves by both his opponents in the Democrat party and by the media.

Once the battle between Trump and Biden truly kicks off, Biden will no longer have that luxury as Trump and his supporters will be firing non-stop missiles at Biden until he breaks.

Source: Fox News

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