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Lt. Gov. of Texas Warns ANTIFA ‘Stay Out’

The tragic shooting in El Paso has put the entire state of Texas on alert.

As the community heals from this horrific incident, Texas’ Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick was warned ANTIFA to “stay out of Texas.”


During the month of August and early September, it has been alleged that ANTIFA has several scheduled rallies.

**Editors note: Lead Stories now claims the group holding the rally is NOT affiliated with ANTIFA)

The group planned on finishing off its tour with a 10-day siege in El Paso.

As we have seen in the past, ANTIFA events generally end up with some type of violence.

Clearly, more violence is the last thing this community needs right now.

While doing an interview immediately after the shooting, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick warned the extremist group they are never welcome in Texas but especially right now.

Patrick stated, “Stay out of Texas, basically.

“We don’t need them coming in on Sept. 1.

“We didn’t need them coming in before this happened.”

The El Paso Shooting

As police investigate the shooting, there are still facts rolling in about the attack.

According to local authorities, the shooter is 21 years old.

Witnesses stated that he was firing off shots at people prior to entering the Walmart.

While his identity has not yet been confirmed, reports are circulating that the alleged shooter has been identified as Patrick Crusius of Allen, TX.

Reports stated that he posted a manifesto online that has led investigators to believe this could have been a hate crime against Hispanics.

At least 20 people are dead, with more than two dozen injured, several still in critical condition.

The shooter gave himself up to authorities as he was approached inside the store.

Governor Abbott called it “one of the deadliest days in the history of Texas.”

Source: Fox News / CNN

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