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Mainstream Media Blatantly Covers Up Fact About Baby Killer

Sadly, a four-month-old baby was beaten and killed by a man upset the child was not his.

Two of the first mainstream media outlets to report the murder were the Washington Post and a local Fox News affiliate, Fox13 out of Memphis, Tennessee, who both completely ignored the fact the alleged killer is an illegal immigrant. 

Brutal Beating of Baby

This senseless death allegedly came at the hands of Jose Avila-Agurcia, a Honduran native and illegal immigrant who had been previously deported five times, per The Daily Caller.

According to various reports, Avila-Agurcia watched the child while the mother was at work on a regular basis.

However, on April 12, the mother came home to find her child beaten near death.

The child had a cracked skull and a broken rib, among other injuries and illnesses.

Authorities arrived and took the child to the local hospital, but the child was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Reports stated that Avila-Agurcia found out the baby was not his, then proceeded to beat the child mercilessly.

The Mainstream Media Coverup

Illegal immigrants and their actions are under a microscope right now.

That being the case, the media seems to do everything in its power to avoid stories that will bring negative attention to illegal immigrants.

In this case, two of the first mainstream outlets to report the case never mentioned the fact Avila-Agurcia was an illegal immigrant in their headlines and/or reporting of the story.

The Washington Posts’ headline was: ‘Police: Man killed baby after learning he wasn’t the dad’

The local Fox News affiliate used the headline of: ‘Baby dies after being beaten by Memphis man who learned he was not the child’s father, police say’

The local news anchors and reporter that covered the story went out of their way to portray Avila-Agurcia as a not-so-bad type of guy.

The reporter actually stressed that she dug into the past of Avila-Agurcia and he had no criminal convictions.

What she did not EVER mention, however, was that he had been deported five times previously and now, because of this case, has an ICE detainer that has been placed on him.

Avila-Agurcia is now in custody and facing charges of First-Degree Murder in Perpetration of Aggravated Child Abuse.

This is yet another crime and murder that never would have happened had this man not been in the country.

The fact he had no criminal or violent past makes him the exact type of illegal immigrant that Democrat leadership rail in favor of all the time.

Avila-Agurcia was not violent until he was… and when he was he allegedly took the life of a four-month-old innocent child.

Are Democrats going to continue to stick up for alleged murders like this or are they finally going to get some common sense and give Trump the money to build that wall?

Source: The Daily Caller

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