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Mainstream Media Starting to Turn on Biden

The stunts by Republicans are really starting to backfire.

So much so that in recent days, the mainstream media has started to go after the Biden campaign regarding court-packing.

Biden has refused to answer the question, stating that no matter what stance he takes, it will turn into headlines.

He is right, but that is because it is a major issue.

His avoidance, however, has dominated the headlines and made it look as though he now has a lack of transparency, which is far worse than any answer he would give.

The fact the mainstream media is turning on him on this is proof of that.

This comes on the tail end of Jake Tapper shredding a Biden spokesperson on the claim that nominating and confirming Barrett is unconstitutional, a stance Biden’s spokesperson could not legitimize during her interview with Tapper.

You can read more about this report on Fox News.

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