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Manhattan DA Announces Expansion for Criminal Probe of Trump Businesses

Democrats just don’t want to end Trump’s political career, but they also want to end Trump.

By this I mean they want to either put him in jail or create such a financial hardship for Trump that we never hear from the man again.

To that point, the Manhattan District Attorney’s office recently announced it is expanding its probe into Trump’s businesses for criminal activities.

Recent subpoenas were issued for “documents pertaining to a Trump property in suburban Westchester County, NY,” according to a Fox News report.

Trump attorneys maintain this nothing more than a witch hunt for an issue that has long since been settled.

Attorney Mark Mukasey stated, “This is old news. The Trump Organization has nothing to hide and there is no criminal activity whatsoever.”

This is more than likely one of many legal issues that Trump will face as he leaves office.

You can read more about this report on Fox News.

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