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Maxine Waters Makes Major Blunder as House Finance Chair

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) who currently serves as the Chairwoman for the House Financial Services Committee, made a serious blunder while grilling CEOs of banks.

Waters was hammering the CEOs over a “student loan crisis,” but had to be reminded by the banking officials that the government actually took over student loans more than a decade ago.

Embarrassing Moment

As a chair, Waters is supposed to be versed in every aspect of the committee.

In this case, her committee oversees the banking industry.

As such, it is common sense that Waters would know that roughly a decade ago, student loans were no longer provided by private banks.

Now, you could almost make an excuse for Waters had she not been on the committee at that time, but she was.

She, along with her fellow Democrats, actually voted for the government to take over student loans!

You truly have to see this exchange to believe it…

Socializing the Oil Industry

Waters has a history of making blunders while sitting on an oversight committee.

In 2011, though, she made one of her largest blunders ever.

While questioning the president of Shell Oil, John Hofmeister, Waters literally threatened to take the industry away and “socialize” the oil industry.

After hammering Hofmeister and making demands to satisfy, “this liberal,” Waters stated, “This liberal will be about socializing…uhm…basically…taking over, and the government running all of your companies.”

If you missed it, replay the last few seconds of the video, as you can see several other members of the committee literally laughing at Waters as she continues on her rant.

Waters is from California, so that basically explains how she got elected.

However, the fact she is not only on the House Finances Committee but actually in charge of it just proves how inept Congressional committees are.

She is a fraud and a clown, but unfortunately, she somehow holds significant power and influence in our government.

If it were a state other than California, there might be some hope of ousting her, but California has proven time and time again common sense does not exist when voters go to the booth on election day.

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