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Mayor of New York Threatens to Sue Trump

Democrats love illegal immigrants… until they don’t.

With President Trump continuing to push the narrative he plans on relocating illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities, more and more local politicians are threatening him with lawsuits.

Included in that contingent is none other than New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio, who has regularly celebrated New York as a sanctuary city.

Welcome… Not Welcome

The moment Trump announced his immigration plan during the presidential election, Democrats beat each other up trying to get to the front of the line to criticize him as a racist.

Additionally, they all proclaimed their cities openly welcomed illegals as sanctuary cities.

The mayor of Philadelphia was even caught on tape doing a jig around the office celebrating the city’s new status as an official sanctuary city.

Now, however, their tune seems to be changing.

The moment Trump announced he was going to release illegals awaiting asylum hearings into sanctuary cities, where they would be presumably welcomed, Democrats balked at the proposition.

Now, virtually every mayor and/or governor are lining up to sue the President over this proposed policy.

Mayor De Blasio, stated, “It’s illegal.

“It is just plain illegal.

“We will meet him in court.

“We will beat him in court.”

Illegal or not, why is he so upset? Does not wanting his city flooded with illegals make him a racist?

Why the Resistance?

While Democrats balk at the idea, none of them have actually given a valid reason as of yet why they are refusing to take on the burden of the individuals they are fighting so hard for.

As we have stated before, it makes sense to put illegals where they are welcome rather than hold them in detention facilities or release them into communities that are unreceptive to them.

Democrats and liberals have been more than against the quality of most of the detention facilities, so the only humanitarian thing to do should be to welcome them with open arms.

The problem, though, as Democrats are now proving, is they don’t actually want illegals in their communities, either.

They know having an excess of illegals will put a significant burden on local finances as well as create housing and employment issues.

Remarkably, the mainstream media has yet to call out a single Democrat threatening Trump with legal action.

Their hypocrisy must be exposed, so now it will be up to American patriots to expose them.

Call their offices and attend Town Halls to demand an answer to expose these politicians for what they truly are… hypocrites.

Source: New York Post

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