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McConnell Stuns Trump Supporters with Impeachment Rule

One of the biggest “asks” for Democrats regarding impeachment is that they are demanding witnesses to be heard.

McConnell has been shutting them down on this request from the outset, but now that particular aspect of the trial seems to be open for debate.

On Monday, it was reported that McConnell has now decided that he will put the motion to call witnesses on the floor for a full vote.

Witnesses Will Be Called

Initially, Republicans, including McConnell, were hoping to have this impeachment dismissed right out of the gate.

That idea, however, quickly lost steam due to the fact there was not enough support within the Republican party to get the vote through.

With only two votes to spare and at least two Republicans hinting that they wanted to hear from some witnesses, McConnell has finally had to concede that witnesses may be called during this impeachment.

Dems Still Not Happy

Even with that concession, Minority Senate Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) continues to whine on social media about how unfair this trial is.

We, of course, can point to the partisan rules put in place by the Democrat-led House during the impeachment hearings.

We could also point to Schumer’s own comments back in 1999 when he basically railed against everything he now claims to want.

For instance, during the Clinton impeachment, Schumer insisted the documentation, testimony, and evidence presented during the House hearings was more than enough for the Senate to go on in their trail.

While he says everyone needs to be impartial, Schumer has already made up his mind on this impeachment and in 1999, he ran on a platform of NOT impeaching Clinton.

It is yet another example of the hypocrisy our elected representatives wrap themselves around on a daily basis.

Their morals, their outrage, and their platforms are based on only one thing… who is the aggrieved party.

They don’t stand for right or wrong and they surely do not stand to represent We the People. This is about protecting their office and maintaining power, and nothing more.

Source: NBC DFW

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