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McConnell Takes Shot at Trump Over Claim He Boosted McConnell to Victory

It almost looked as though Trump and McConnell were going to let this feud die down, but McConnell just put another log on the fire.

During CPAC, Trump hammered McConnell over the fact that McConnell asked him for an endorsement when he was down in the polls.

Trump gave it to him and as we all know, McConnell got the easy win.

Now, however, McConnell is trying to make it sound as though he never needed that endorsement to get over the top.

What About 2014

A reporter recently asked McConnell what he thought about Trump taking credit for McConnell’s win.

McConnell responded, “I want to thank him for the 15-point margin I had in 2014 as well.”

Well, Mitch, 2020 was NOT 2014, when you were exposed as a RINO and worthless member of the establishment.

McConnell has gotten pretty cocky since he won re-election, which is pretty funny because he looked like a deer in the headlights for most of the election season.

With every passing day, he makes it quite clear that this term should be his last, but he is also making it abundantly clear that he needs to be replaced as the leader of the party in the Senate.

McConnell no longer properly represents the direction of the Republican Party and We the People need someone in place that does.

Source: Daily Caller

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