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Kayleigh McEnany Gives White House Press Corps Homework Over Holiday Weekend

New Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany has hit the ground running and not looked back since her first day on the dais.

This week, she sent the liberal media into a tizzy by providing what amounted to be a homework assignment to the White House press corps for questions they have yet to investigate.

Doing Your Job

Ask virtually any conservative if the media has treated this administration fairly and they will just shake their head with an adamant “no” in response.

With there still being so many unanswered questions about the unmasking of General Michael Flynn as well as the leaking of that confidential information to the press, McEnany has been pressing the media to investigate.

After several days passing since she first asked the media for help investigating this, she decided to make her request in much simpler terms…

Every point she made was legitimate and for the most part, they have all been ignored or somehow justified by the media.

When Joe Biden has been asked about these issues, he denies any knowledge and I have yet to see anyone hit him up with a tough follow up question regarding his unmasking request (even though Biden says he had no direct knowledge of the investigation, only that it was happening).

Liberal Outrage

Needless to say, the press corps did not take too kindly to McEnany’s little homework assignment and her dress down of the media was all the buzz on panel shows afterward.

Columnist Jonah Goldberg, an alleged conservative by nature but also an adamant Never-Trumper, joined in on the liberal bashing of McEnany, expressing outrage over her daring to challenge the media…

Fox News’ Chris Wallace was also upset with her comments, stating that if she had told him or Sam Donaldson which questions to ask, “that would not have gone well.”

What Wallace seems to be missing, though, is that back in the old days, the tough questions were asked, not completely ignored by a media that is trying to apparently influence the outcome of an election.

From my perspective, McEnany is doing an incredible job mostly because she is answering every tough question the media puts at her and demanding they treat everyone equally by asking those same tough questions of the Democrat side of the aisle.

Source: Breitbart

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