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Media Completely Ignores the Success of Trump Immigration Plan

Whether Democrats want to admit it or not, Donald Trump’s plan to get illegal immigration under control is working and it is working incredibly well.

However, while the latest numbers are more than a 50 percent drop from the peak numbers in May, the story has gone widely unreported in the mainstream media.

Should Be a News Story, Right?

As you all know, this spring and early summer had been a nightmare at the border.

At one point, we had roughly 4,000 people a day crossing over, absolutely overwhelming our border patrol facilities and officers.

It got to the point Trump had no choice but to implore an “or else” ultimatum to Mexico.

Trump told our border ally to help with the crossing or massive tariffs would be put in place until something was done.

Mexico answered the bell in a big way and by using its National Guard and police force to prevent these individuals from even getting to the border.

The numbers speak for themselves:

  • May – 144,000
  • July – 82,005
  • August – 64,006

That is a 56 percent drop since May, which is stunning, to say the least.

Even better is the fact the number of migrants in custody has also significantly decreased.

At peak, there were roughly 19,000 immigrants in custody and that number is now reported at roughly 5,000.

You would think the mainstream media would be all over this, right?

Wrong! Since it is not a positive Democrat story, they want nothing to do with it.

Let’s Stay Negative

These numbers came in a week ago, but they went unreported by every major news outlet.

Two days AFTER the DHS published the report, the Wall Street Journal reported it.

At that point, WSJ was the only major outlet reporting the news until today, when Fox News, CNBC, and ABC posted the story.

Do a Google search and see if you can find another major outlet to have published the report before today. Actually, you don’t have to because I already did, and came back with nothing.

I did a site search on CNN for immigration, and the story is still not posted.

Instead, they are pushing mostly negative stories about Trump, including articles that are better suited to a gossip rag than a “respected” mainstream media news source

Trump stated several months ago that he believed his number one opponent in this election would not be Biden or Sanders or Warren but rather the media and he is absolutely right.

Without alternative media news websites, information like this simply would not exist.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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