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Media Ignores Two HUGE Trump Wins… But We Will Report Them!

This week is only a few days old, but it is a week that will help cement Trump’s legacy as president.

Not only did Trump host the signing of landmark peace treaties in the Middle East, but we also found out 2019 had a historically low poverty rate.

Media Blackout

All we heard about last week in the media was Woodward’s book, “Rage.”

While Dems and the media were concentrating on that, Trump announced significant peace treaties between Israel, Bahrain, and the UAE.

On Tuesday the formal signing of the deals took place at the White House, but most people didn’t see it because the mainstream media continues to ignore anything positive that is coming out of the White House.

In fact, when it was given coverage, it was usually done so with pundits or Democrats that say the peace deals will actually cause more unrest in the Middle East, not less.

Additionally, a report broke that poverty rates in 2019 hit historic lows… and most of the mainstream media stayed silent.

The pandemic will hurt the 2020 numbers on this front, but the report proves that Trump’s economy is working for EVERYONE, not the one percent, as Democrats claim.

You can read the full report on the peace deals on Fox News.

You can also see the full report on the poverty rates report on Fox News.

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