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Meghan McCain Defends Trump’s Economy in Joust with Joy Behar

Of all people to defend Donald Trump… Meghan McCain

“The View” has become an almost daily bashing of Donald Trump, and Meghan McCain is usually onboard.

However, when co-host Joy Behar stated, “the economy is really slowing down, jobs are slowing down, the farmers are in trouble, manufacturing taking a dive,” McCain cut her off cold, stating, “The economy is NOT slowing down.”

More Fake News

Behar pointed to the fact the stock market took a massive dip this week to back up her point.

McCain once again defended the economy, stating,  “That’s just fake news that the economy is slowing down.

“It’s just fake news.

“It’s part of the paradigm — it’s why his base is still standing with him.”

The Dow did tank this week, but one bad week is surely not representative as a whole.

The market often responds to one event or a series of events that spook investors.

Right now, the market is responding to the threat of impeachment.

However, even as the market took a bit of a dive, unemployment numbers came out, revealing record-low numbers at 3.5 percent.

President Trump was more than happy to tout that report himself…

Attacking the Economy for Power

I firmly believe  Democrats are now willing to sacrifice the economy to gain the White House.

They know this is one of Trump’s biggest talking points and achievements and if they can somehow create a manmade recession, it will all but destroy Trump’s chances of winning the election.

Not only that, it gives them a way to protect their candidate should a Democrat win the election in 2020.

Considering their platform, it is generally agreed that if a Democrat were to become president, the economy as a whole would completely tank.

We will see major companies once again flea the county due to high taxes and many small business owners will have no choice but to layoff workers in order to pay the higher taxes Dems plan on implementing.

Dems want us to be broke so they can force Americans to be dependent on the government, giving them more and more control.

As much as Meghan McCain hates Trump, even she can see their plan.

Source: Fox News

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