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Meghan McCain Hits Trump Back After Trump Rips Her Father for Role in Steele Dossier

Meghan McCain has picked up right where John McCain left off.

After President Trump was highly critical of John McCain for his role in the Steele dossier, he unleashed a vicious tirade about McCain.

After seeing Trump’s tweets, McCain’s daughter, Meghan answered his tweets with one of her own, telling Trump, “No one will ever love you the way they loved my father.”

On that front, Meghan McCain is probably 100 percent correct, but I doubt Trump gives a s*** about people liking him or not.

Being liked is not part of the job description, but representing the will of the people is.

On the other side of this argument, it is not fair to be critical of Meghan for sticking up for her father. Is she really supposed to sit on the sideline and allow anyone to talk trash about him? Of course not.

Fair Criticism or Not?

Getting into whether Trump should be sending tweets out about McCain is a waste of time because that judgment must lie in the eye of the reader.

Nor does my personal opinion on this subject matter, because you are going to feel how you feel about it, period.

Instead, looking at what McCain actually did and if Trump is justified in still feeling angry about it is a much better use of this space.

From that viewpoint, it is perfectly understandable why Trump continues to seethe over the fact McCain, at least in Trump’s eyes, betrayed him.

Was McCain a RINO or a True Conservative?

This all comes down to how people actually feel about McCain.

For hardcore conservatives, McCain was generally considered to be a RINO.

His views on immigration alone were enough to have many in the party feel as though he was letting conservatives down.

In his waning years, he tended to be more moderate and liberal than conservative.

Yes, he still had some conservative ideals but much of his platform was in the middle at best.

It is why he and Jeff Flake were as thick as thieves.

Republicans wanted to repeal and replace Obamacare… McCain was among those blocking his fellow Republicans from making that happen.

In recent years, it seemed as though McCain was going against the party more often than not.

In 2017, McCain opposed the party 21 times, with several of these being key issues the party should have been behind completely.

Of course, then there is the fact McCain is believed to have at the very least turned the Steele dossier over to Comey, with some believing he is the one that actually turned it over to Buzz Feed, who then published it.

This was a dossier that was largely unfounded and actually debunked by Comey himself.

However, the FBI still used it to support FISA warrants issued for the Russian investigation.

Again, everyone has their own opinion about whether or not Trump should be going after McCain after his passing.

What is not up for debate, though, is John McCain as both a Republican and a conservative.

Most would agree, war hero status put aside, McCain simply did not fit what most would consider to be the conservative mold on some of the more important issues of conservatives today.

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