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Mexico Ratifies New Trump Trade Deal

The first major step was made in changing the trade situation for the United States.

On Wednesday, Mexico became the first country to ratify the replacement deal for NAFTA, the U.S-Mexico-Canada-Trade Agreement, or USMCA.

First In

If you recall, Democrats stated that after threatening Mexico with tariffs over the immigration plan, the country would probably balk and pull out of this deal.

As it turns out, Mexico not only stepped up on the immigration side, the country is actually the first of the three countries involved to ratify the new trade deal.

Actually, the vote was not even close.

The deal was passed by Mexico’s upper chamber with a vote of 114-4, with three members abstaining.

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador was ecstatic the measure passed without resistance.

He stated, “It means foreign investment in Mexico, it means jobs in Mexico, it means guaranteeing trade of the merchandise that we produce in the United States.”

Now, both the U.S. and Canada need to get off the dime so the deal can be formalized.

Will Dems Block?

The dangerous thing for Trump here is the fact the deal still has to go through the House and Senate before it can be approved.

We know the Senate should not be a problem, but what about the House?

Based on the recent stunts of House Dems, it would not be surprising to see them shoot the bill down or possibly try to add something to it for the protection of illegals.

White House Trade Adviser Peter Navarro seemed hopeful, though, that this will get done soon.

Navarro stated, “We’re hoping to get implementing legislation onto the floor of the House and the Senate this summer.

“That’s what we’re targeting.”

If Democrats do decide to hold this deal hostage, it will be quite clear to everyone they are doing so for political reasons and it could end up costing them elections come 2020.

For now, though, we celebrate the good news and just have to hope some common sense finds its way into D.C.

Source: Fox Business

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