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Michigan Democrat Admits Detroit Not Following Self-Distancing Guidelines

How do we stop the virus? Stay home, avoid contact, practice good hygiene and proper cleaning, right?

According to a Michigan Democrat, who just credited Trump for help saving her life, Detroit is not following those guidelines, and that city is not alone.

Not Following Social Distancing Guidelines

In six of the top seven states impacted by the coronavirus, we know social distancing has been an issue.

Michigan State Democrat Representative Karen Whitsett tested positive for CV-19, which we will get into more in just a bit.

Her state, and Detroit specifically, is now considered one of the major hot spots in this country.

Cases are climbing significantly daily, and Whitsett stated that a big part of the problem is the fact that people are ignoring the new guidelines.

She stated, “I see it in my own community — not being quarantined and still having house parties.”

That, sadly, is something that is happening throughout the country in the states most impacted.

Videos are all over social media about how people are still gathering in parks in California and New York.

New Yorkers have also been partly responsible for the problems in New Jersey, with many New York workers living in North Jersey as well as having summer homes at the Jersey shore.

Florida allowed spring break and Louisiana allowed Mardi Gras, and now both states are blowing up with cases.

It is very clear their irresponsibility is a major part of this problem and it is probably a fairly safe assumption that people that attended those events then went home to the other states now seeing significant increases in their confirmed cases.

Testing Positive

For weeks now, President Trump has been touting hydroxychloroquine as a possible treatment.

Rep. Whitsett went for treatment on March 18 for CV-19 and as her symptoms got worse, as did her husband, her doctor prescribed hydroxychloroquine on March 31.

The turnaround was remarkable, according to Whitsett.

She said she started to feel better within two hours and credited Trump for putting the drug in the public eye.

Whitsett stated, “It has a lot to do with the president … bringing it up. He is the only person who has the power to make it a priority.”

This is a drug that is currently in trials, but the decision-makers are holding off on committing to the drug until these trials are done.

In the meantime, we need to continue to follow these guidelines. Stay home, wash your hands, and wash surfaces after use. Simple guidelines that could save a LOT of lives.

Source: Breitbart & Detroit Free Press

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