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Milano Gets Blasted After Mistaking NYPD for Federal Officers

Uber-leftist Alyssa Milano got caught with her foot in her mouth this week.

Normally, I could care less what these Hollywood types have to say, but when her side of the aisle calls her out, how can we resist?


The left has gone full-throttle on terminology associated with the Nazis.

Pelosi has compared federal agents to stormtroopers and now Milano is taking it a step further by calling them Trump’s Gestapo.

After several rioters were tracked down by police for the destruction of property, the NYPD put them into custody.

When Milano saw the video, she lost her mind…

The only problem was that it was not federal agents and people were not being “kidnapped,” as the NYPD was quick to correct the error of her ways…

Even de Blasio had to comment on the situation, even though he also managed to take a shot at the police as well, questioning their judgment about where the arrest took place…

This is the Democrats America, patriots, where leftists believe those that break the law should not be held accountable and where mayors call out their police for arresting someone when it is “inconvenient” for how it looks in the media.

Source: Breitbart

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