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More Charges Files Against Michael Avenatti

A man once touted as a possible Democrat candidate for president is in more legal trouble.

Fox News is now reporting the Michael Avenatti, the attorney that represented Stormy Daniels against Donald Trump, is being charged with defrauding his former porn-star client.

Bottom of the Barrel

The man behind many of the early attacks against Donald Trump has proven us right in calling him a fraud and bottom feeder all along.

According to new reports, Avenatti stole money from Stormy Daniels for a book advance she was to receive.

In all, Avenatti took $297,500 from Daniels.

Daniels became suspicious when the money was not given to her, especially when her publisher told her the money had already been sent.

While the money had been sent, Avenatti had it sent to a different account.

He allegedly fraudulently created a document diverting the money from Daniels’ agent to an account he controlled.

He then proceeded to spend the money “on airfares, hotels, car services, restaurants and meal delivery, online retailers, payroll for his law firm and another business he owned, and insurance.”

When Daniels approached Avenatti about the money, Avenatti “used funds recently received from another source” to pay her the first payment of $148,750.

You would think he would have learned after the first time, but he did the same exact thing when the second payment for the same amount came through later.

Manhattan U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman stated, “As alleged, he used his position of trust to steal an advance on the client’s book deal.”

Finally Proven Right

Most of us on the right have claimed Avenatti was a fraud from day one.

This had nothing to do with him representing Daniels and everything about how he conducted himself.

He clearly took the case not to represent her but rather to take advantage of the media that came with the case.

He NEVER had her interests at heart, something that is proven by him stealing her money.

Avenatti, of course, claims he is innocent.

He stated, “No monies relating to Ms. Daniels were ever misappropriated or mishandled.

“She received millions of dollars worth of legal services and we spent huge sums in expenses.

“She directly paid only $100.00 for all that she received.

“I look forward to a jury hearing the evidence.”

This most recent legal problem was preceded by his legal problems with Nike, where he was accused of extortion.

Between the two cases, Avenatti could face more than 350 years in prison if found guilty on all charges.

With any luck, he will be found guilty in at least one of them and we will never have to hear from this scumbag again.

Source: Fox News

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