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More Mail-in Voting Problems Revealed in New Jersey

New Jersey’s primary elections were held in July.

However, more than 1,600 ballots were just found from the election that had not yet been counted.

The Missing Ballots

The missing ballots were located in a “mislabeled” bin, which sounds pretty convenient.

After the ballots were located, local election officials stated that they were tallied, and the votes did not change the election outcome, but that is not really the point.

This was a primary election with a much smaller scale of mail-in voting.

What happens when the majority of the state is voting this way?

And, what if the races were tight and those ballots would have impacted the election outcome?

Are voters really going to be happy about finding out the declared winner is not actually the winner more than a month after the election took place due to “mislabeled” ballots?

Democrats are setting this country up for failure on a grand scale, putting the integrity of our elections at risk.

You can read more about this Fox News and NBC Philadelphia.

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