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Mueller Report Exposes Lack of Action by Obama Administration

While Democrats continue to rail for impeachment after the Mueller report was released, they seem to be overlooking one glaring fact.

The Mueller report leaves no doubt the Russians had infiltrated our presidential election under the watch of the Obama administration.

Neglecting Duties

The Mueller report dates Russian interference as far back as the 2014 elections.

During the next several years, the efforts of the Russians only increased.

This was not news to Obama officials, yet they did absolutely nothing about it.

The only real effort made to stop the Russians publicly was a statement by then-National Security Advisor Susan Rice, who made a statement about Russian activity and called for Putin to “knock it off.”

Why Was Nothing Done?

Remember, during this time, Obama was putting together the Iran deal and he needed Putin to be onboard.

Calling out Russia at the time or hitting them with severe sanctions surely would have cost Russian support of the agreement.

Obama was also reportedly worried about doing too much for fear it would have been considered helping Hillary out in the election (since the general consensus was Russians thought a Trump presidency would be better for Russia).

That insight was offered by former DNC Chair Donna Brazile.

Brazile stated, “I think they did everything they could without sounding all the alarm bells.”

If you know your country’s election system has been infiltrated, we would hope the president would not only sound the bells, but actually act on it.

Obama did not do that, however, yet nobody seems to be catching on to this fact.

The entire Democrat party has been on a collusion kick for more than two years, yet it was a president from their very own party that actually allowed the election’s integrity to be compromised.

Now, Obama’s supporters will say he did call Russia out by issuing sanctions.

However, the sanctions were not put in place until after both the presidential election and the Iran deal had been completed.

Furthermore, the sanctions were considered mostly symbolic by individuals that actually molded them and helped put them in place.

Nobody here is denying there are parts of the Mueller report that look very bad for Trump, but we cannot let the fact Obama allowed this to happen on his watch go unnoticed.

Americans need to know Barack H. Obama risked the outcome of a presidential election so he could further his own agenda.

While officials have already stated the overall results of the election were not changed, it does not change the fact our national security was in jeopardy and Barack Obama did nothing to prevent these attacks from happening.

Source: CNN and Fox News

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