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Mueller Report a ‘Grand Slam’ for the Trump Administration

Democrats have been hoping the Mueller report would be a smoking gun to impeach Trump.

However, based on the reaction of the Trump administration, that is hardly the case.

Rudy Giuliani, the President’s personal attorney, stated, “We are confident that there is no finding of collusion by the President and this underscores what the President has been saying from the beginning – he did nothing wrong.”

Democrats Stunned

Democrats seemed shell-shocked that the report came out and no further indictments were coming.

When Schumer took the dais to make his statement, he looked as though he was about to throw up.

He stated he would not make any conclusions until the report and all of its underlying documents have been released.

Now, that is the interesting note here.

The consensus is Trump is going to be vindicated in calling this a witch hunt, at least as far as the collusion and obstruction of justice are concerned.

Our best guess is the Dems want to get their hands on those other documents so they can twist this if Trump is, in fact, innocent of any wrongdoing on those two fronts.

Make no mistake about it, if they can’t get Trump for collusion or obstruction, they are going to keep pulling on threads until they think they can get him on something.

They will even try to use any delay against Trump if they can.

Several of the Democrat presidential candidates have already gone public on Twitter demanding the entire report be released right now.

The problem with this is there could be some information that is classified and/or related to national security.

If that is the case, that information will have to be redacted, no exceptions.

The attitude of these Democrats should be alarming to Americans, as they are clearly willing to put national security aside to carry out their hit against Trump.

Grand Slam

It was very easy to see the excitement on Giuliani’s face, as he clearly thinks the report will vindicate his client.

That sentiment seemed to run rampant throughout the Republican party and political pundits.

One of Trump’s advisors during the probe, Joe diGenova, stated, “This is a grand slam for Trump. If Barr says he can brief Congress this weekend, that means he has nothing.”

If that is, in fact, true and this report admonishes Trump of any wrongdoing, Democrats will be reeling.

Their entire narrative for the upcoming election will have been obliterated.

Furthermore, these candidates are going to have to justify the costs of this investigation to Americans as well as their tendency to grab ahold of supposition rather than fact for the last two years.

The only question that now remains is if there is nothing in the report, will Democrats make an official apology to Trump for wrongly accusing him of collusion and obstruction non-stop since the first day he took office?

Our best guess is that it will never happen. They will just pull on another string, create another false narrative, and continue to act as obstructionists against this President.

All the while, they will prevent the country from moving forward and in the process, waste tens of millions of our taxpayer dollars on these ridiculous investigations.

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