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Mueller Report Released to Public by Department of Justice [Full Report Inside]

As promised, Attorney General Barr has released a heavily redacted version of the Mueller report earlier today.

Most of the information that has been redacted is grand jury testimony and intelligence information that needed to be hidden to protect sources and methods used by our intelligence agencies (the full report is at the bottom of this article).

Liberal Media Backlash

The ink on the redacted report is not even dry yet, but the liberal media is already crying cover-up.

Barr has proven not to be the pushover Sessions was in terms of pacifying everyone, so this is really no surprise.

Since he is not bowing to Democrats and pacifying the media, everyone is throwing shade on him to make it appear as though he has done something wrong, which he has not.

It is imperative that all Americans understand he is not hiding anything.

The information redacted from the report is required by law.

Both the grand jury testimony and intelligence information cannot be viewed without the proper security clearances.

This, however, has not stopped Democrats from attacking him, even though they know this is the case.

Calm Before the Storm

The redacted report is close to 500 pages, so expect a little lull before Democrats latch onto something they will try to use against Trump.

The administration, however, has already prepared a rebuttal against any possible obstruction evidence found in the report.

As we speak, Trump’s attorneys are more than likely pouring over the report to find tune their rebuttal to present to the American people.

While we have not yet read the report in full, you can view it and make your own conclusion, as the entire report is featured below.

SPN will read the full report and release our conclusions on it later today or tomorrow.

Mueller Report by on Scribd

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