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Robert Mueller Sends Official Russian Collusion Report to Attorney General

The waiting is finally over.

After a very busy week, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has finally turned in his much-anticipated Russian collusion and obstruction of justice report.

Now What?

With the report finally handed off, it will be up to our Attorney General to sift through it to see exactly what can and cannot become public knowledge.

The good news for Trump supporters is that to this point, there have been no charges made against Trump for obstruction or any type of conspiracy by his campaign and Russia working together during the election.

Now, that does not necessarily mean Trump is out of danger just yet.

If there are going to be charges filed, the Justice Department will have to work through the waters of indicting a sitting president, which most experts believe will not happen.

Public Release

President Trump has left the decision of what can and what cannot be released to Barr.

Having said that, Democrats are going to start pounding on the pulpit immediately to have every detail released as soon as possible.

Many of them are hanging their hats on the fact this report is going to contain the smoking gun they need to impeach Trump.

They may be in for a huge disappointment, though, as there has already been much speculation that while the report may not be flattering, there was no collusion and no obstruction.

Post-Presidential Problems

Even if there is no collusion or obstruction, Trump could possibly face legal problems over some of his business practices or campaign finance law violations.

That seemed to be the focus of Mueller over the last few days.

If something did come from that aspect of the investigation, Mueller will more than likely hand it off to the New York AG to pursue.

We can expect Barr to take his time reviewing the report and hopefully, we will get to see what’s inside within the next week or so.

Until then, we will all be sitting on pins and needles awaiting the final verdict.

**Updated 5:09 P.M. CDT – Fox News is now reporting Mueller has recommended no further indictments in this case, which should mean Trump and his campaign are free and clear on that front.

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