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Muslim Workers Sue Amazon for Discrimination

Amazon is not only under attack by the Supreme Court, but the e-commerce giant is now being sued by a group of Muslim women.

Three Somalian women at Amazon’s Minnesota plant have filed suit for discrimination.

Discrimination and Retaliation

Back in December, Muslim workers at the plant held a rally to try to gain support because they were unable to pray during working hours.

The women are now complaining they are being both discriminated against as well as being retaliated against due to their role in that protest.

One of the women in the suit claims things got so bad, she would not even take bathroom breaks for fear of being fired.

Of course, the race card was included for good measure.

According to the suit, promotions and training were available to white workers that were not available to the Muslim workers.

Instead, they were assigned the toughest jobs at the plant, such as packing.

Additionally, the women claim quotas were put on them for daily production.

Let’s Get Serious

The real problem here is these workers want special consideration because of their religion.

They expect to be able to take prayer breaks throughout the day and wanted special privileges during Ramadan.

They were also upset when their quotas fell due to prayer breaks and an apparent lack of strength while they fasted.

Imagine that, a company that actually expected employees to meet a minimum input in order to stay employed.

If the women wanted to pray during working hours, they should have specifically asked about that during their job interviews.

If they are unable to work at full capacity during Ramadan, then take vacation days.

This is NOT discrimination.

This is a company that has expectations from their employees and if those minimal expectations are not met, then those employees should be disciplined.

Furthermore, if you are not producing and if you are walking off the floor to pray, why would the company invest in you with additional training or promote you?

It just doesn’t make sense.

Has anyone ever heard of a Christian or Jewish employee getting special time for prayer or a lower output being approved when they are fasting during their religious holidays?

We all know the answer to that question.

Amazon has refused to make a public comment on the complaint, however, a representative did say, “We encourage anyone to compare Amazon’s pay, benefits, and workplace to other retailers, and to come take a tour and see first-hand.”

Instead of doing their job, all these women are doing is making it more difficult for other Muslims that actually want to work find a job.

You better believe every employer in the country is taking notice and will think twice about hiring a Muslim if nothing but aggravation and lawsuits are in their future.

Source: Daily Mail

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