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N.Y. Gov. Signs Overreach Law to Target Trump

If there was ever an example of government overreach, the recent actions by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo are it.

On Monday, Gov. Cuomo weaponized legislation to enable Congress to secure Donald Trump’s state tax returns.

Targeting Trump

Democrats have made it a point they want to get their hands on Trump’s tax returns.

The problem, though, is that he is under no obligation to show them.

For the most part, the public has lost interest in this narrative, but Democrats continue to push it in the hopes of finding a small crumb they can exploit during election season.

In an unprecedented move, New York Governor Cuomo passed specific legislation that would require the state of New York to turn over Trump’s tax returns if requested by the House Ways and Means Committee or any of the other committees requesting to see the President’s tax returns.

As of yet, the House has not petitioned New York for the tax returns, as it has several cases pending for Trump’s federal tax returns.

However, the new legislation was meant to grease the ways for the House just in case the other cases being litigated do not fall on their side of the aisle.

Jay Sekulow, who is one of Trump’s attorneys, stated, “This is more presidential harassment.

“We will respond to this as appropriate.”

Blatant Overreach

What the Democrats are doing right now is what our Founders and Framers fought so hard against more than 200 years ago.

Democrats are now using every weapon in their arsenal to undermine this presidency and unseat Trump.

They try to use fancy terms, like “constitutional crisis,” but they are the ones actually creating the crisis, much as they are doing at our southern border by encouraging more immigrants to flood our border.

Surely, this legislation will be challenged by Trump’s attorneys, but it does not dismiss the fact a state governor has willingly weaponized the government against a sitting president.

Source: CNN

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