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NATO Chief Stuns Democrats with Statement about Trump’s ‘Message’

The bad news cycle for Democrats got a little worse today.

Appearing before Congress, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg informed members that Trump’s tough talk to the alliance is actually working.

Members Hearing Trump’s Concerns

President Trump has been getting obliterated by Democrats for his very harsh criticism of NATO.

He is not against the alliance, he just wants everyone to spend their fair share.

Trump has pushed this angle at every given opportunity, including when he speaks in front of NATO members.

Taking all of that into consideration, Democrats in Congress were no doubt surprised to hear Stoltenberg give such high praise to Trump.

Secretary General Stoltenberg stated, “Allies must spend more on defense. This has been the clear message from President Trump. And this message is having a real impact.”

Pay Up

The one thing we have heard Trump say time and time again is that NATO members must pay their fair share.

That fair share is supposed to be a minimum of two percent of their GDP on defense.

Sadly, very few members actually contribute that much while the United States contributes more along the lines of 3.5 percent.

The pressure from Trump, however, has started to get more countries to add a little more to the register.

Stoltenberg stated, “After years of reducing defense budgets, all allies have stopped the cuts and all allies have increased their defense spending. Before they were cutting billions, now they are adding billions.”

The Secretary General also lauded the efforts of NATO against ISIS.

He stated they have made “remarkable progress” and that is in large part to American leadership.

While many politicians and the media do not like Trump’s methods, they are clearly working.

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