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New Military Budget Focused on China

The new budget for the U.S. Military makes it very clear Trump does not plan on taking too much money away from our forces in order to secure the border wall.

The primary focus of the new budget is aimed at China, a country that has clearly risen to the top of the threat list.

No Bigger Threat

The crisis at our border is obviously important to President Trump.

However, he is clearly trying to get the money to deal with that problem through other avenues.

Rather than tap into the defense budget for immigration, our Secretary of Defense is using most of the money requested in the budget to defend the United States against China.

During an appropriations committee hearing, Secretary Shanahan made it quite clear where he believes most of our money should be spent.

He stated, “China, China, China.”

Shanahan further stated, “We’ve been ignoring this problem for too long.”

In what was a prepared statement, he also stated, “China is aggressively modernizing its military, systematically stealing science and technology, and seeking military advantage through a strategy of military-civil fusion.”

Chinese Advancements

During his interview, Secretary Shanahan continued to rattle off areas of advancement by the Chinese where the United States is currently limited.

One area of major concern was the defense of hypersonic missile launches.

He also accused the Chinese of stealing our technology to militarize land features in the South China Sea.

Shanahan’s concerns were echoed by both pundits and our representatives.

For some reason, previous administrations have brushed this under the rug… no more.

The time has come to once again make the United States a military presence our enemies completely fear.

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