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New Poll Trend Shows Biden Collapse

Remember that big lead everyone was talking about that Joe Biden had for the primary election?

Well, it’s gone!

Reality Settling In

When you look at the platform agenda of both presidential candidates, one has experience rejuvenating an economy and the other has a history of killing it.

Biden’s record on the economy is already not very good, so, when you add in the far-left agenda that is slowly but surely becoming part of the Biden agenda, it makes for a very dangerous situation.

That leaking to the left seems to be what is hurting Biden as this pandemic plays out.

Americans want to elect someone they know can stimulate the economy, not continue to see it slide into the abyss.

According to the latest Reuters/IPSOS poll, 45 percent of Americans believe Trump is the better candidate to lead us out of this economic crisis by creating more jobs, while only 32 percent believe Biden can do it.

That is a significant rise from the six-point edge Trump held the last time this poll was taken in mid-April.

That increase in support for Trump works in direct correlation with the overall support for the two candidates.

In mid-April, Biden had an eight-point overall lead against Trump, but that has now dissipated down to a measly two percent.

While Biden still holds the edge, it is now only 43 to 41 percent.

Can We Believe the Polls?

Now, if you read my articles regularly, you know what I think about polls.

Generally, I believe they are unreliable because they make the basis for an argument with such a small percentage of input.

However, what I have also always said about polls is that the trends they show are far more important than the actual numbers.

In this case, Joe Biden is steadily trending backward.

In mid-April, Biden had an eight-point, lead. Last week he had a six-point lead. Now he has only a two-point lead, so he is clearly slipping back.

One More Thing…

One of the most shocking numbers, at least for me, that came out of this poll was that only 53 percent of those polled were “very” or “somewhat” familiar with the allegations made against Joe Biden.

That just shows how little attention most of the mainstream networks are paying attention to these allegations, completely the opposite of what was taking place when the allegations were made against Justice Kavanaugh.

The only way the word will get out is if we get it out, so keep sharing!

Source: Yahoo! News

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