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New York Governor Approves Licenses for Undocumented Immigrants with New Legislation

The state of New York has done the unthinkable…

Illegal immigrants are now able to obtain licenses after Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo penned a bill into law on Monday morning.

Bending to the Far Left

A driver’s license in this country is the gateway to, well, everything.

You need it to vote, to travel, to get just about anything.

Now, illegal immigrants, those who by law are not entitled to such a benefit, will now have that in the state of New York and beyond thanks to the far left influencing the New York governor.

The Green Light Bill will now allow an estimated 265,000 illegals in New York to have a state-approved license.

According to advocates of the bill, this will “create safer roads, increase state revenue and keep families together by preventing traffic violations from turning into deportations.”

State Immigration Manager for, Eddie A. Tavaras, stated, “This is life-changing, and we are proud to stand on the right side of history because every New Yorker should have the opportunity to contribute to their economies and communities without fearing that they will be separated from their family because of a routine traffic stop.”

The legislation was not presented without opposition, even within the Democrat Party.

The final vote came down at 33-29, barely passing.

Opposition to Legislation

One of the more notable names that opposed the legislation was New York State Democrat Party Chairman Jay Jacobs.

Jacobs believes the passing of the legislation will not come without political ramifications.

The right, of course, is furious that Cuomo has signed this legislation into law, especially before an already controversial 2020 presidential election.

While voting in New York won’t matter, it is very likely now that this has passed, other states will try to pass something similar, which could open the doors for voter fraud.

Anu Joshi, the Senior Director of Immigration Policy at New York Immigration Coalition stated, “The privacy protections that are included in the bill’s language are the strongest of their time in any bill in the country.”

Cuomo has also stated that there will not be a separate registry for illegals compared to regular residents, which makes me wonder how this will impact registered voters, as these systems are often integrated.

This is just dangerous, dangerous floodwaters that Cuomo has opened up the gates for in New York and around the country.

It would not be surprising to see more illegals flock to New York simply to get their license then move elsewhere, making it appear on the surface they are a legal resident of the country.

Once again, while Democrats flaunt the rule of law in the impeachment against Donald Trump, they are blatantly disregarding our Constitution and rewriting laws to serve their own purposes.

More importantly, they are making it easier for illegals to avoid authorities as well as putting the safety and welfare of law-abiding citizens and legal residents of this country at risk.

Source: Huffington Post

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