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New York Mayor’s ‘Green New Deal’ Stunt Sparks Outrage from Trump Supporters

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio thought it would be a good idea to hold an anti-Trump rally in front of Trump Towers.

It would be a move he would soon regret, though, as ample Trump supporters showed up to heckle and boo him throughout the press conference.

New York’s Green New Deal

The press conference by de Blasio was being held to tout New York City’s Green New Deal proposal.

The Mayor held it in front of Trump Tower claiming that President Trump’s building was one of the largest polluters in the city.

He seemed quite proud of himself as he threatened to fine Trump if the President does not get his building in line with the new proposed codes.

De Blasio stated, “His buildings are one of the biggest polluters in New York City.

“Cut your emission or we’ll cut something you really care about.

“We’ll take your money.”

During de Blasio’s entire speech, Trump supporters continued to jeer the Mayor while some of them went up and down the escalators with protest signs or signs of support for their president.

The new plan, which is actually called The Climate Mobilization Act, has already passed through City Council and is expected to be signed by the Mayor any day now.

Heavy Fines

The buildings in the city will have 10 years to fall in line or pay the price.

The Mayor estimated that the biggest buildings in the city, if they do not comply, would face fines in the $1 million range.

The measures are definitely going to meet resistance, though, as costs of meeting the legislation are staggering.

One report estimated the cost of the city’s skyscrapers getting up to code could cost as much as $4 billion.

If that is truly the case, building owners may choose to go the route of paying the fines rather than upgrading, as it would appear to be far cheaper.

New York is but one liberal city throughout the country taking such measures.

Los Angeles also has legislation in place to make the city “carbon neutral” by the year 2050.

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