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Newsweek Publishes Tucker Carlson Advertisers in Biased Attack

Newsweek can now be added to the left-leaning publications looking to take out Fox News personalities, specifically Tucker Carlson.

After Tucker Carlson stated, “The whole [white supremacy issue] is a lie,” Newsweek published a full list of every advertiser, past and present, of Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Hoax or Fact

Is white supremacy a real problem in this country or is it simply an issue that has always been?

To be honest, research on this is limited because of how protective these groups are about letting outsiders in.

One of the stats we can go by is the FBI Hate Crime Statistics:

In 2016, there were 6,121 hate crime incidents, 6,063 of which were classified as single-bias incidents.

Of those single-bias incidents, 57.5 percent were based on race/ethnicity/ancestry bias.

Of those crimes, 50.2 percent were anti-Black or African American, 20.7 were anti-White, and 10.6 were anti-Hispanic or Latino.

In 2017, there were 7,175 hate crime incidents, with 7,106 being single-bias incidents.

Of those single-bias incidents, 58.1 percent were based on race/ethnicity/ancestry bias.

Of those crimes, 48.8 percent were anti-Black or African American, 17.5 were anti-White, and 10.9 were anti-Hispanic or Latino bias.

So, as you can see, while hate crimes have ticked up, racially motivated hate crimes have actually gone down among blacks and whites, with only a moderate uptick in Hispanic attacks.

So, where did the most significant increase occur? If you think it happened against Muslims, you would be wrong, as that actually went down from 24.8 percent to 18.7 percent.

One of the biggest increases within its classification was the attacks on Jewish people, which went from 54.2 percent to 58.1 percent.

Now, which party is associate with anti-Semitic attacks? If you said Democrats, you win the prize.

Look at the constant rhetoric from the likes of AOC, Tlaib, and of course, Omar, against Jews.

Now, is anyone calling them out for the rise in hate crimes against Jews and blaming their rhetoric for it? Of course not, because they are Democrats!

Is this proof that white supremacy is on the rise or decline? Absolutely not, but it shows, as Tucker Carlson stated, it is far from the problem most people make it out to be.

Yes, it is a problem, but in the overall scheme of things, these groups make up only a very minuscule population of this country.

We Don’t Like What You Say

Tucker Carlson, while his opinion is often an unpopular one, it is also usually very well researched.

You simply cannot come out and make a statement like that unless it was well-documented with facts.

Now, Newsweek may not have liked what he said, but do they really have a right to try to lead a boycott against his advertisers by publishing the list?

Again, this is very much akin to what Rep. Castro did to Trump donors.

The information was already out there, but most people would not go through the trouble of finding it.

However, in the manner both Castro and Newsweek presented the information, the purpose was very clear… to shame Trump donors and to try to get Americans to boycott the companies advertising with Tucker Carlson.

Sources: Newsweek / FBI

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