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NFL Opening Night Flops as Fans Boycott Social Justice Messaging

NFL fans have spoken and it is not good for the league.

The opening game of the NFL is typically one of the better-rated games of the season, especially early in the season.

This sets the benchmark for what the league can expect in terms of viewership for the remainder of the season.

After seeing the ratings of the Chiefs-Texans game this week, it is not going to be good.

Message Sent and Received

Let me be very clear about something for the trolls that are about to accuse me of being racist…

As I have said many times, I am very much for equal rights and don’t believe any law-abiding citizen should fear the police.

I also don’t believe sporting events should be used to ram social justice messages down people’s throats.

Liberals say there is no greater platform to show systemic racism and the oppression of minorities in this country.

My argument is that the claim of systemic racism is nonsense, especially when we just had a black president, many of the police chiefs in the cities claiming to be oppressed by police are black, and we have millionaire black athletes preaching to us about how bad their lives are.

I fully support any athlete making a stance on his or her own time; I just don’t support it during the course of the game, nor do I support messaging on the field.

It seems that most NFL fans agree with me, as the ratings on the opening game were horrific, down more than 12 percent from last year.

The funny thing in all of this is that while the NFL and its players think they can force this messaging on fans, they get upset when fans send their own message, such as booing when players locked arms at the opening of the game.

This was recently addressed on First Take, with uber-liberal Max Kellerman saying it was disgusting how fans reacted…

For a different opinion, we head over to Sports Wars…

You can read more about the opening day bad news for the NFL on Deadline.

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