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Nikki Haley Comes Forward to Defend Trump

I have always held Nikki Haley in high regard and she just went up a few points on my rating scale after her recent statement about this impeachment.

Haley not only defended Trump while appearing on “CBS This Morning,” but she also called out the Democrat habit of trying to prosecute occurrences that never happened.

Nikki to the Rescue

Haley likened the current impeachment efforts against Trump to that of “the death penalty.”

Haley stated, “You’re going to impeach a president for asking for a favor that didn’t happen and — and giving money and it wasn’t withheld?

“I don’t know what you would impeach him on.

“And look, Norah, impeachment is, like, the death penalty for a public official.”

She added, “When you look at the transcript, there’s nothing in that transcript that warrants the death penalty for the president.”

CBS News anchor Norah O’Donnell then stated, “To be clear, it was not a complete transcript. There are still things that are missing from it. And in it, he does say, ‘I would like you to do us a favor,’ though.”

To which Haley answered, “The Ukrainians never did the investigation.

“And the president released the funds.

“I mean, when you look at those, there’s just nothing impeachable there.

“And more than that, I think the – the biggest thing that bothers me is the American people should decide this.

“Why do we have a bunch of people in Congress making this decision?”

Nikki will lose some points on her last comment because impeachment is the role of Congress, but hopefully, that will not take away from her overall point.

There is little doubt in my mind, though, that these comments will gain her a lot of favor with Trump supporters and lock her in as the favorite for 2024 if she decides to run for president.

If It Never Happened

The fact that none of this ever happened is very much in play, as it was in the obstruction case against Trump that was lumped into the Russian collusion case.

We know for a fact the aid was released to Ukraine without any action ever having taken place on Ukraine’s part.

And, even though there was no election investigation or a Biden investigation, Trump held a White House meeting with President Zelensky.

So, where is the quid pro quo?

As is stands right now, the only thing that we know for sure happened is that Trump asked for a favor for nothing in return to expose possible corruption in our election system and a past political figure.

Unless we see hard transcripts saying something different, all we really have is he said, she said.

For Democrats, that may be enough to impeach a president, but that is surely not enough for We the People.

Source: Fox News

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