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Judge Orders Nolle Pros in Smollett Case

There is little doubt Jussie Smollett arranged to have himself attacked for personal gain.

Which is why it is so shocking the Cook County State’s Attorney Office announced it would not be prosecuting Smollett.

The judge in the case granted a nolle pros, so Smollett is now free and clear of the charges and in no danger of being prosecuted for the alleged crime.

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As Smollett left the courthouse, he was the only one smiling.

The public and the police officers involved in the case were left with no explanation as to why Smollett has been able to walk free without even a trial.

The presiding judge in the case is Judge Steven Watkins.

Smollett was due back in court in mid-April, but the Judge called an emergency session.

It was at this time the judge ruled the case was going to be dropped.

According to reports, Smollett’s record has now been wiped clean.

Fox has not yet released a statement about the case.

The Cook County prosecutor has not yet released a statement about the case.

This decision is not going to sit with quite a few people.

The case wreaks of liberal and star privilege.

There is also the fact the local police felt as though they were purposely duped into investigating a hate crime.

The Chicago Police Department will more than likely not take this dismissal very kindly.

This case is still developing, so we will update after a statement has been made to clarify why the charges were dropped.

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