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NY Democrat Assemblyman Claims Cuomo Threatened to Destroy Him

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has yet another problem on his hands.

After making derogatory comments about the handling of the nursing home data, New York Assemblyman Ron Kim got a phone call from Cuomo, and let’s just say if Kim’s account is correct, Cuomo’s political career is over.

New York Shake Down

After the comments by Kim were published, Cuomo was less than happy, which resulted in a phone call being place.

Kim claims, “Gov. Cuomo called me directly on Thursday to threaten my career if I did not cover up for Melissa [DeRosa] and what she said.

“He tried to pressure me to issue a statement, and it was a very traumatizing experience.”

He says Cuomo them told him, “we’re in this business together and we don’t cross certain lines and he said I hadn’t seen his wrath and that he can destroy me.”

Kim added, “No man has ever spoken to me like that in my entire life.

“At some point he tried to humiliate me, asking: ‘Are you a lawyer? I didn’t think so. You’re not a lawyer.’

“It almost felt like in retrospect he was trying to bait me and anger me and say something inappropriate. I’m glad I didn’t.”

Cuomo’s office, of course, says Kim is mispresenting the situation, but while Kim’s wife could not verify the entire conversation, she did say that she overheard some key elements.

Sources: CNN & FOX News

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